Let’s go! Let’s grow! The scriptures encourage us to hide God’s word in our heart (Psalm 119:11) Along with Bishop Beard, I challenge you to memorize scripture. God’s word is meant to be “eaten”… i.e. we spiritually become what we eat spiritually. It works, try it and see. Teach not only yourself, but teach your children. Let’s not wait… have the Bishop’s first page memorized by Ash Wednesday… February 17, and if you are so inclined… I’d like to record you reciting them, no matter how old you are… and we’ll send the recording to the bishop. If we get many… we’ll send a collage of them to him. In any regard, it will be worth your time to memorize them, even if no one else knows that you do. May God add an understanding to the hearing of his word. Follow this link to find the list of scripture:https://www.igrc.org/challenge

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